Student Organizations

Student Council

Bastyr's Student Councils at the Kenmore and San Diego campuses play a key role in knitting together the fabric of campus life. Led by an innovative "team" structure, Student Council advocates for students in all sorts of ways. Here's a look at their work.

Venture Grants

Student Council awards venture grants to send students on learning trips that promote personal and professional growth. Students design and propose a broad array of trips that fit the mission and philosophy of the University. Recently students have studied innovative senior kitchens on Vancouver Island, herbs along the Pacific Crest Trail, and health care systems in Ireland.


Student Council organizes some of the best-loved annual events on campus.

  • Talent / No Talent Show gives students a chance to show off their performance skills (real or imagined) at a competitive but lighthearted show. More.
  • Community Day lets the whole University set aside a day for games, artwork, conversation, children's events and other ways to celebrate the campus and clinic community. More.
  • First Friday Parties give students a chance to let their hair down and get their dance on after a week of studies. Just what every hard-working student needs!
  • Food for Finals ensures no one has to study on an empty stomach by providing free nourishing snacks during finals week.


Student Council oversees a budget of more than $75,000 that funds student clubs, student research, venture grant travel, guest speakers, improvements around campus, and graduation parties. Want a say in where the money goes? Join Student Council's Finance Team.

Voice for Students

Student Council ensures students have a voice among faculty and school leadership, working closely with the dean of students and communicating student interests throughout the University.

Student Clubs

"I love that there are so many likeminded people, yet with such diverse backgrounds … You make friends immediately."

— Marissa Castello, naturopathic medicine class of 2015

Bastyr students find countless ways to connect. Clubs let students volunteer, have fun, find support, learn more about their interests or simply relax between studies. The list of clubs grows each year.

Hoop (la) Club performing Students in scary costumes Students performing Students in Guatemala Students cooking

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