Rigorous scientific research is a core function of Bastyr University, and students play an important role in that process alongside the faculty. The Bastyr University Center for Student Research is the central point of contact for students who desire to do research. The center informs students about all ongoing research projects at Bastyr and links students to appropriate faculty mentors by research interest. The center also provides funding, through competitive awards, for faculty-student research projects.

"Bastyr University has played a bigger role within medicine than any other non-allopathic institution, bringing scientific legitimacy to natural medicine."

— James Whorton, PhD, professor of medical history and ethics, University of Washington School of Medicine

In addition, the Center:

  • Provides statistical and methodological assistance to students who are undertaking individual research projects as part of their degree programs.
  • Serves as a general resource for students undertaking required research projects in various academic curricula, such as nutrition, health psychology, and midwifery.
  • Provides general oversight and facilitation of University-sponsored research projects and develops working teams of faculty and students to accomplish each project.

Application Process for Faculty Student Research Grants

All student research at Bastyr University is faculty mentored. Faculty mentors and students work together to develop projects which may be appropriate for internal funding. Internal grants are competitive and are awarded based on originality of the proposal, relevance to established research and academic programs, feasibility, and degree of student involvement.

Applications should be 5-7 typed pages. See links below for forms and instructions:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all Center funds have been expended.

Contact Us

The Center for Student Research is directed by Mark M. Martzen, PhD. Dr. Martzen is chair of the Department of Basic Sciences. He has academic and biotechnology industry experience and is published in leading scientific journals, including Science.

Contact: Mark R. Martzen, Director of the Center for Student Research
Email: mmartzen@bastyr.edu
Phone: (425) 602-3162
Address: 14500 Juanita Drive N.E., Kenmore, WA 98028

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