The Bastyr University Research Institute is dedicated to the continued advancement of natural health practices, further developing faculty research skills and resources, and training students in research methods and design. Using rigorous scientific method, researchers study and document therapeutic systems often involving centuries-old, empirically derived practices.

Scientific Activity

Bastyr University is involved in epidemiological and basic science studies and clinical trials. Through collaborations with conventional research agencies and the natural products industry, Bastyr has played a major role in increasing research activity in the natural health sciences. Our research areas of interest include nutrition, wellness, healthy aging, the structure and bioactivity of natural products, and the potential uses of natural products in human diseases.

To date, more than 100 research studies in a range of areas including botanical and homeopathic medicine have been completed or are under way. The research has been funded by government and foundation grants, contracts and generous donations. Several proposals for future research activities are being developed, and Bastyr intends to continue in its commitment to meet the needs of the public and to create a strong future for natural health care.

Research Services

In addition to federally funded research, we seek to identify and pursue external research opportunities funded by the natural products industry, as well as by private individuals and domestic and international companies. Companies or individuals interested in working with Bastyr are invited to fill out our Private Sponsor Research Application. Also available are oxidative stress testing services for IRB-approved studies.

Financial Conflict of Interest

Bastyr University’s policy on financial conflict of interest is in compliance with the Public Health Services Financial Conflict of Interest regulation (42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F and 45 CFR Part 94). The links below will open a pdf.

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The Bastyr University Research Institute aims to investigate, evaluate and develop the principles and practices of natural, integrated and complementary medicine.