Nan Lin, MD, PhD

Current Roles

Dr. Lin is a core faculty member and Chair of the Department of Basic Sciences and director of the human anatomy lab at Bastyr University California. Nan Lin, MD, PhD


  • MD from Peking University Health Science Center (F.N.A. Beijing Medical University)
  • Residency at Third Teaching Hospital of Peking University Health Science Center (F.N.A. Beijing Medical University)
  • PhD from University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Texas Medical Branch

Classes Taught at Bastyr

Anatomy and Embryology, Gross Anatomy Dissection, and Clinical Skills

Teaching and/or Research Interests

Dr. Lin is interested in anatomy, neuroscience, scholarship of teaching and learning and the development of integrated curricula.


Dr. Lin believes that learning is a lifelong experience, especially for those who practice medicine. He believes that learning how to learn effectively and independently is more important than learning the knowledge itself. Dr. Lin also believes that treating patients with passion is as important as treating them with what medicine can offer the best. He encourages students to explore their unique way to achieve scholarly excellence and helps them to become physicians with great passion.

Nan Lin, MD, PhD
Nan Lin MD, PhD
School of Naturopathic Medicine
Department of Basic Sciences