Photos of Bastyr Community Day 2012

Office Olympics team huddles before event.

What do sumo suits and Mother Teresa quotes have in common? They're both reminders of Bastyr University's community of likeminded students, professors, healers, workers and family members. Every year the Bastyr Student Council designates a day to celebrate the campus and clinic community, planning events both silly and reflective.

"The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather the feeling of not belonging," Student Council's Rolando Fulgencio said, quoting Mother Teresa at the Community Day opening ceremony on April 11.

Here are the highlights. Check out the photos to the right.

  • A free afternoon: Afternoon classes are canceled to give everyone time together. Celebrating community takes time, right?
  • Students painting canvasesFree lunch: Lasagna, greens, drinks and a massive carrot/chocolate cake from the always-popular Dining Commons staff.
  • Art Room: Canvasses and acrylic paints let students, faculty, staff and their children channel their creative energy.
  • TNT Top 5: The top five acts of the winter Talent/No Talent Show get an encore.
  • Office Olympics: Sumo-suit wrestling, blindfolded searches, relay races, Bastyr trivia (The first Hollywood soundtrack recorded in the Bastyr Chapel? Mr. Holland's Opus.), and glorious victory for one team. (Two if you count the People's Choice award.)
  • Origami Cranes: Bastyr librarians reveal their hidden talent to teach this collaborative project.
  • Clothing Drive and Fundraiser: Student Council collects heaps of winter clothing and raffle-ticket sales to support Teen Feed, a local nonprofit for homeless youth.
  • Play Time and Bouncy House: The Pediatrics Club treats our youngest community members to a bouncy castle. The Parent Resource Center, our drop-in child care center, prepares a special play circle.
  • Memories of Dr. John Bastyr: A link to our past. To close the day, University founding President Joseph Pizzorno, ND, tells stories of working with Dr. Bastyr and learning from his legendary rapport with patients.


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