Holistic Landscape Design Certificate

The first of its kind in the nation, this permaculture certificate program is a training opportunity for those who want to build on their knowledge of medicinal and edible plants and apply that expertise to the development of sustainable landscapes.
Length of Program: 26 total credits spread over four quarters. Courses are offered on evenings and weekends.
Campus: Kenmore, Washington


Program Overview

Our world needs more landscape designs that work with nature, not against it. As a student in Bastyr’s Holistic Landscape Design Certificate program, you’ll experience an education that connects you emotionally, physically and intellectually to the earth. You’ll be given the guidance and resources you need to follow your calling to steward the earth. 


  • Flexible class schedule. A convenient 12-month evening and weekend course schedule.
  • Unique curriculum. As the first program of its kind, Bastyr offers a unique focus on the therapeutic value of medicinal and edible landscapes.
  • State-of-the-art facilities. Access to Bastyr’s wooded 51-acre campus, which includes The Bastyr Gardens, teaching greenhouse, herb lab and a LEED-certified Student Village — both excellent spaces for hands-on training in landscape design, implementation and maintenance.
  • Abundant learning resources. Access to the Bastyr library, which offers a rich source of medicinal and edible plant information, including cultivation and landscaping resources.
  • World-class education. Experienced faculty comprised of holistic landscape design instructors, permaculture designers, organic garden and greenhouse managers, arborists, herbalists, agroforesters and ethnobotanists. 

Career Opportunities

For nearly a decade, Bastyr has been certifying professional permaculture practitioners. 

The future looks bright for careers in environmental sustainability. The US Department of Labor's occupational handbook lists a number of rising professions in the Holistic Landscape Design arena::


For more information, visit onetonline.org.

Campus Location - Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington Campus

Set in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bastyr’s expansive Seattle-area campus provides a serene, natural environment for students to deepen their health education. Our campus is located in the Seattle suburb of Kenmore, Washington, and encompasses 51 acres along the shore of Lake Washington. 

At our Seattle-area campus, you’ll enjoy dynamic classroom environments and unique facilities for research, laboratory and clinical experiences. Our campus location also affords you easy access to the rich cultural experiences of the Seattle metropolitan area and unlimited exposure to the natural wonders of the Puget Sound region.

General Requirements

Length of Program

Intended time to complete: 26 total credits spread over four quarters. Courses are offered on evenings and weekends.

Program Entry

The Holistic Landscape Design Certificate is a certificate program. Entering students will have completed 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits to enter.


The Holistic Landscape Design Certificate program at Bastyr is grounded in the philosophy of working with nature rather than against it and engages students through a hands-on curriculum. Expert Bastyr faculty lead program courses such as Soil Ecology, Mycology and Medicinal and Edible Plants in the Landscape. Reference our curriculum table for the number of credits per course, course hours and lecture hours each week.

Earning a certificate in holistic landscape design from Bastyr equips graduates to play a crucial role in developing sustainable landscapes designing for biodiversity therapeutic utility and aesthetics. Expected learning outcomes of graduates can be found in the course catalog

Contact an advisor to learn more about the Holistic Landscape Design Certificate program.



  • Complete one Botany course
  • Have completed 90 quarter credits (60 semester credits) of college-level coursework. 

Reference our curriculum table for full prerequisites. To learn which classes fulfill these prerequisites, use our course equivalency guide.

A full course outline can be found in the Certificate in Holistic Landscape Design program description of the Academic Catalog.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Are you ready to take the next step toward pursuing your Holistic Landscape Design Certificate? Speak to an advisor today to learn more about tuition costs or to find out about our financial aid programs!

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