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Getting Married at Bastyr

The Bastyr Chapel is an ideal setting for a wedding. The exquisite European-style chapel was created in 1958 with the highest quality workmanship of its time, and it continues to radiate the devotion with which it was built. Nearly five stories high and 140 feet long, it is home to 31 handcrafted stained glass windows and brilliant glass mosaic artwork line both sides of the chapel, bathing the entire room in subtle color. Graceful gold-accented chandeliers add majestic lighting.

The chapel has handcrafted altars and columns of imported marbles, terrazzo floors, wooden pews, oak paneling and a choir loft. The carved wooden pews run length-wise along the chapel, making the procession of the bride and groom a truly spectacular sight for all ceremony attendees. Exceptional acoustics give this chapel a unique atmosphere of grandeur and elegance.

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Bastyr University Chapel is one of the Puget Sound's most beautiful locations for weddings of any denomination, and each couple determines their own officiant.

The chapel and choir loft can seat up to 275 guests. With the addition of chairs, 500 guests can be seated.

For more pictures of the chapel during weddings, please visit the Bastyr University Chapel Facebook page.

To learn more about having your wedding at Bastyr Chapel, contact us at (425) 602-3075 or

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Wedding Package

Wedding Ceremony Timing

The groom waits for the bride at a wedding in the Bastyr Chapel. Make your dreams come true, and host your ceremony in our majestic Chapel!  We allow four hours in the Chapel for set-up, decorating, ceremony, pictures and clean-up.

We have several time slots available for your wedding:

  •  Fridays: Evenings after 5 pm
  •  Saturdays: 11 am – 3 pm or  3:30 – 7:30 pm
  •  Sundays:  Any four hour time slot between 9 am – 6 pm


During the two weeks prior to your wedding, we offer a complimentary one (1) hour rehearsal time in the Chapel.  Additional time may be purchased at a rate of $150 per hour.  Time slots for this are subject to Chapel and staffing availability.  We recommend you bring your own music, so you can hear how fabulous it will sound!

Private Preparation Rooms

We offer the wedding party two private rooms, for last minute preparations and touch-up. These will be available for use during your chapel rental period, on the day of your wedding.

Site Coordinator

We highly recommend that you hire a Wedding Consultant to help make sure you experience the wedding of your dreams.

Bastyr University will have a Site Coordinator to make sure that all our facility agreements are met.  They will assist with lighting, our PA system, and microphones.

We are very interested in assuring that our patrons receive their entire damage deposit refund.  To that end, we require that all decorations be pre-approved by our site coordinator and they meet our guidelines.  They will also be on hand to explain what is required of your clean-up crew at the rehearsal.

Music and Sound Systems

The Bastyr chapel is renowned for its acoustics and is especially suitable for classical instrumental and choral music.  The following items are available in the Chapel for use by the wedding party:

  • Microphones (lapel microphone and three handheld microphones)
  •  A PA system to play recorded music (MP3, iPod, Cellphone, Laptop, CD, or Tape)
  •  Chairs and music stands for musicians
  •  A baby grand piano available for an additional rental fee of $150

Bastyr does not provide any other musical instruments or sound system for singers and/or musicians. If you choose to bring your own sound equipment, it must be totally self-contained and may not be plugged into the Bastyr University system.

Tables and Chairs

Most guests prefer to use the Chapel's wooden pews for guests seating of up to 275. However, should additional Chapel seating be desired, chairs (including the setup) for up to 500 guests are available for an extra fee. Bastyr will provide up to two tables in the Chapel lobby covered with ivory tablecloths.

Outdoor Areas

The Bastyr grounds, which include, an organic herb garden, extensive lawns and courtyards, provide ample opportunities for stunning and unique pictures. Please speak to a Conference Services representative to request permission to use the outdoor areas for taking photographs. This is to make sure there are no conflicts with space usage.

Parking and Loading Areas

Ample free parking is available on the Bastyr campus. We ask that your wedding party and guest respect areas marked for reserved or disabled parking, as well as fire lanes or other designated no-parking areas. There is a loading area available to the wedding party at the rear of the Chapel.


Four restrooms are available for guests on the University's main floor

Rates for Chapel Use

The Chapel is available at fixed, scheduled times at a flat rate. The fee includes four hours on the day of the wedding and a one-hour rehearsal prior to the wedding; scheduling is dependent on Chapel availability. We can provide a different schedule or a guaranteed rehearsal time prior to the event, but it may require an additional charge.

Prices include private use of the Bastyr University Chapel, setup of all foyer tables and chairs, and use of a PA system.

April through October

  • Up to 275 Guests / $1,400
  • Up to 350 Guests / $1,525
  • Up to 500 Guests / $1,650

November through March

  • Up to 275 Guests / $1,100
  • Up to 350 Guests / $1,250
  • Up to 500 Guests / $1,375

Please contact University Events and Guest Services to inquire about available dates or for help with any questions. 

Booking and Fees

Tentative Bookings

To assure you right of first refusal, you may pencil-in a date and have it held for up to seven days without a contract or deposit. If you do not contact us after seven days, your name may be removed without notice. During your seven-day pencil-in period, if another client requests the same day and time, you (having right-of-first-refusal) will have 24 hours to either book with a signed contract and deposit or to release the date.

Final Bookings and Payment Schedule

Contract and Booking Deposit: To firmly book a date, a signed contract with a $400 non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit serves as a cancellation fee if the event is cancelled and Bastyr is unable to fill the space with another wedding or event.  If circumstances require you to cancel your event, please advise us immediately to allow us to attempt to fill the time slot.

Damage and Cleaning Deposit: A damage deposit of $250 is required and must be paid 30 days prior to the event. This is in addition to the rental fee.

This refundable deposit covers extra cleanup and damages to the facility, and will be returned if no extra cleanup or damage repair is required. The wedding party must remove all possessions, including flowers and any petals from the floor, and leave the spaces clean and tidy to avoid paying an extra clean-up fee. Bastyr will hold the deposit until after an inspection of the facilities immediately following the event. 

Final Payment: The remaining balance of the facility rental fee and damage deposit is due 30 days before the event. For a wedding booked within 30 days of the ceremony, full payment is due with the signed contract. Additional charges or additional damage costs will be invoiced and sent to the client immediately following the wedding.


One hour of rehearsal time is allotted within two week of the wedding date. A one-hour rehearsal time is included in the Chapel rental fee. Rehearsal dates and times vary and are based on Chapel availability, as the Chapel is often used for other events during the week. Additional time may be requested, but extra fees will apply.


Your wedding party will have four hours for setup, preparation, photographs, ceremony, breakdown, and cleanup. During your rehearsal, you will have the opportunity to work with our staff to create a final schedule for your wedding.

Unless you arrange for a late breakdown schedule, a fee of $300 per half-hour will be charged if breakdown and cleanup are not complete at the end of your four hours. All items left on the premises after your wedding are subject to disposal.

Chapel Use Guidelines and Policies


Decorations, Candles, and Throwing of Items

Clients may choose decorations that do not damage the facility. All decorations must be approved and overseen by the Bastyr University Site Coordinator. If you do not have your decorations approved prior to your wedding day, you run the risk of having them denied if they do not follow our guidelines. The following parameters provide some guidance; please check with our staff to verify the appropriateness of your decorations.

  • The throwing of glitter or confetti, or the shooting of Silly String®, is not allowed inside or outside on Bastyr University grounds.
  • Blowing bubbles is allowed only outside the facility, not inside the building.
  • Balloons are not allowed inside the facility, including the Chapel and the Chapel lobby.
  • The throwing of birdseed and rice is not allowed inside or outside on Bastyr University grounds, as it is dangerous to wildlife and difficult to clean.  
  • Flower petals are not permitted outside of the Chapel or outside on the grounds.
  • The use of fireworks are not permitted inside or outside on Bastyr University grounds; this includes sparklers.
  • No drones or any other flying object may be used inside the Chapel or on the property.
  • No Fog Machines in the Chapel, as it will set off the fire alarms.
  • Only battery operated candles are permitted, with the exception of the Unity Candles used in the alter area.  
  • The application of materials (tape, pins, glue, staples, nails, etc.) to the walls, ceiling, pews, altars or floors is not allowed in the Chapel or lobby.  Exceptions can be made if an approved tape is used.
  • Runners down the aisles inside or outside the Chapel are not allowed.

Please inform others in the wedding party and guests of these policies – you are responsible for their behavior.

Our Chapel is a sacred space cherished by many. Any damage to the surfaces or fixtures on Bastyr University’s campus, particularly in the Chapel area, could result in additional costs. All damages in excess of those covered by the $250 Damage and Cleaning Deposit will be charged to the client. An inspection of the facilities is done after each rental.

Deliveries and Setup

  • The wedding party is responsible for any delivery of flowers and/or rental equipment and should be scheduled to arrive during their contracted wedding or rehearsal time.
  • Bastyr University representatives cannot accept or sign for deliveries.
  • Any items stored on the premises are for the convenience of the client. Bastyr University and its representatives are not responsible for missing or damaged items or late fees for return items left on the premises that are not accessible at the time of a scheduled pickup.

Smoking and Alcohol

Bastyr University is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is allowed only in two designated areas; please check with the Site Coordinator on duty during your rehearsal and wedding for exact locations. Per Washington State Law, smoking is not allowed inside the buildings, within 25 feet of the buildings, in the Bastyr courtyards, or in the surrounding woods and grounds at any time.

Alcohol is not permitted on campus, in the Chapel or on the grounds at anytime during the rehearsal or wedding day. You are responsible for the behavior of your wedding party and guests.


Bastyr will keep the $400 non-refundable deposit if there is a cancelation at any time and the space cannot be filled with another wedding or event. If circumstances require you to cancel your event, please advise us immediately to allow us to attempt to fill the space with another event.


The wedding party must procure and maintain in force for the duration of the wedding, without expense to Bastyr University, a public liability insurance policy (Day of Event Insurance) or an event endorsement to home owners or renters insurance, covering bodily injury and property damage, with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. The wedding party must provide Bastyr University Conference Services with a “Certificate of Insurance,” with Bastyr University named as additional insured, prior to occupancy of the facility.

PDF icon Wedding_Info & Guidelines Rev 6-2015.pdf